Hemophilia is for Girls: When it rains it pours

When it rains it pours

So, I left work on Friday a bit early because I was so sick with a cold. By the time I woke up on Saturday Zane and I were so sick. We were coughing and sneezing and achy it was awful.
Around Monday Zane started to feel better but I woke up with such a sore chest, i thought I slept funny or maybe it was just sore from all the coughing.
As the day wore on I could not take the pain. I took some painkillers but over time they became less and less effective.
I decided to go into the emergency room on Tuesday morning. I called my Hemophilia Clinic and they said the best thing to do would be go to Emergency.
So I’m writing this to try and convey how brutal having a illness can be its not the pain, its not getting an IV its not even the time wasted necessarily its the trying to convince doctors you need treatment.
Ok so when you walk into Foothills Emergency you have to line up to see Triage so I stood there for a while but the pain was just too bad so I sat in a chair just off to the side while I waited.
When it was my turn the nurse said why couldn’t you just stand there? And I find that so strange like why does it matter to the operation of this hospital if I sit or stand? And it bothers you that much that you have to confront me about it? Anyways moving on, we see the emergency doctor and right away hes dismissing me. He orders an X ray, Ultrasound and EKG, they all come back normal which I knew they would because I have a bleed in the muscles of my chest wall I didn’t think for a second my heart was involved.
They then park me in a wheelchair in the middle of the hallway for about two hours. The doctor comes over and says I am free to go so I say to him look I have a bleeding disorder I need plasma. He calls the Hematologist on call and they also say I can go home so he comes back and says I can leave. We explain to him that again I need blood I know what a bleed feels like this is a bleed.
Its so infuriating to have to fight for treatment every. single. time.
I eventually got my plasma and Zane and finally got to go home after 9 hours.
I use to have a treatment room in the Hemophilia Clinic where they could treat me but it no longer exists. The place for me is not in emergency but there is no where else for me to go.
Its very frustrating being rare and having this illness but having to fight for treatment on top of it is too much.
I am so thankful Zane was able to take the day off and come with me and fight with me. Sometimes it feels like im going crazy and its nice to have someone to hold onto in the chaos.

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