Hemophilia is for Girls: Miss Jade

Miss Jade

So, Ive been on a roll lately with blogging so I thought I would tell you about June. I already wrote about the robbery in July. So here is what happened the month before.
We have had Jade our little Chiuaua mix for about 7 years. She was my brother in law Blazes dog, then when he moved out she was Della, Zanes moms dog. When Della moved into the hospice in Okotoks she asked that Jade be brought down here to Calgary to stay with us.
Poor little Jadey cried and cried the first few days she was with us. I honestly didn’t think it was going to work out. Over time she grew very attached to Lily and eventually me and Zane. Now she is my girl. She waits for me at the door when I get in the shower and she follows me all around the house. One night she started coughing and even woke Zane and I up a few times. She had done this before and I had taken her to the vet about it. He said that she just has a small esophagus and not to worry about it so when it started again I assumed it was that or maybe kennel cough or something.
Zane and i decided to bring her to the vet hospital and by the time i got her in the door she was hyperventilating the nurse grabbed her out of my arms and took her in the back. I knew that couldn’t be good but I was trying to stay positive.
A little while later the vet came out and took us to a private room. She said that Jade has a collapsed trachea and that we may have to put her down.
I tried to stay calm as I discussed the options with the vet but eventually I just broke down. I couldn’t picture not having our little girl with us especially since she was only about 7 or 8 years old.
We decided we wanted to try and save her so the vet said they would put her on meds and oxygen and see if they could get her airway to open up more. They told us to come in the back and say goodbye.
We walked in the back of the hospital and saw our little Jadey in an incubator she was lying down and breathing very heavily. As soon as she saw me her tail started to wag and tried to get up.
I can’t write much more about it because I will start to cry again and not be able to stop.
Anyway Zane and I said goodbye and went home and waited and waited for 12 hours!
At around 9 pm at night the Vet called and Said Jade was improving and we could take her home. It was honestly the happiest call i ever got. we picked her up and kept a close eye on her. She improved bit by bit and today she is doing great!
After everything that happened this summer with me being sick and everything I can honestly Jade being sick was the worst. I felt so helpless.
I am so happy to say she is doing well and we are curled up still watching Christmas movies, still sick with the flu but happy to be all together!

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